size guide

for accurate measurements and sizing information, please follow our guide below :

to measure your head circumference, wrap a cloth measuring tape around the most prominent point of your head right above your ears and around your forehead. make sure the tape is snug. record your measurements. see below for sizing.

if size is a concern, please email us. we can help to make sure it fits just right!


all of our styles are available in two sizes, regular and deep.

regular : this will fit a head circumference of approximately 22 1/2 inches. our regular size is both classic and snug and will typically end halfway down the earlobe.

deep : this will fit a head circumference of approximately 23 1/2 inches. our deep size will be both slightly longer and wider than our regular fit. it is great for someone with a bigger head, more hair, or for someone who prefers a more relaxed fit.

please note : all of our products are hand made and sizes vary depending on the gauge of our crocheters. we try our best to make it as uniform as possible.



height x width (flat)

small : 10” x 12”

large : 12" x 15"

children's hats

small : approximately 0-5 years old

large : approximately 6-10 years old

please note : children come in all shapes and sizes. please contact us at for more customizable options.